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I'm cross-posting my Goodreads review here because I *really* enjoyed this one, and I think it might interest other folks here.

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

My fondest wish is that Susanna Clarke will put out another book in the same universe as Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. My next-fondest was that I'd find something I enjoyed as much. That second wish, at least, has been granted. Sorcerer to the Crown is worthy of the comparison -- it's briefer, fluffier, and not on the grand scale of JS&MN, and it's entirely fair to call it a cross between Clarke and Georgette Heyer, as I've seen written in more than one place. And it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Prunella Gentleman, one of the two protagonists, is in some ways the Jonathan Strange of the text -- her magic is instinctive; she gets bored reading magical theory. At the beginning, she wants nothing more than woman of the upper classes in her time and place want -- to make a good marriage. But the novel doesn't blame her for this -- it's the society she's raised in. And if she can convince this world to overlook her origins as the possibly illegitimate daughter of an English gentleman and an Indian woman, it's a goal she might well succeed at . . . if not for the something far better that awaits her talents and her real heritage.

Zacharias Wythe, the Sorcerer Royal, would prefer to be immured in a library somewhere with his researches, but his guardian, Sir Stephen Wythe, had groomed him as his successor. Zacharias might be the Mr. Norrell of the tale, except that he is young, handsome, and black -- a freed slave whom the Wythe family has raised. But while the Sir Stephen and Lady Wythe love him, the other members of the Thaumaturgical Society hold the usual prejudices of the day.

There are some wonderful secondary characters, and while the plot is somewhat secondary to establishing the world and its inhabitants, the whole thing is delightful. Regency(ish) England is presented as multicultural in the ways it historically *was*, and it's made clear that there is a much larger and more diverse world outside of its borders. Later installments should productively build on what's been established here, and if the stakes are raised, with the Napoleonic Wars at hand, as well as the wry, almost Wodehouse-like fairyland, anything could happen. The next installment will be a hardcover buy for me.
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I'm catching up on the American version of House of Cards -- I'd seen the British version before, but just hadn't gotten around to this one -- and I'm really enjoying it. BUT I'm nearing the end of season 4, and the notion that the First Lady would be nominated as her husband's running mate? Strains credibility.

I mean, obviously we have a former First Lady who has a good shot at being our next President, but that's not *at the same time*.

Also, Underwood was so much darker in s. 1. Obviously he's still unscrupulous, but the really dark edge is muted.

I keep thinking of the Underwoods as the Macbeths.
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I don't know if this is a thing for other people or not, but since I was 12 or 13, I have washed my hair every day. Read more... )
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So everything I am fannish about comes to an end -- both Agent Carter and Penny Dreadful. *sigh* Perhaps, at least, the closed canons (well, I do not give up hope of seeing Peggy again in MCU flashbacks, if not *fingers crossed* another iteration of Agent Carter) will make me feel comfortable with ficcing, not worrying so much about getting Jossed.

For Penny Dreadful, I have IDEAS, mostly centered around Catriona and John Clare -- er, separate ideas, that is -- not sure I see those two characters connecting *at all*. The question is always finding the time, but since there's now almost nothing on tv I care about, I should be watching it a good deal less often. ;-)

But I do have a thought about Henry Jekyll. Read more... )
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This may be an unpopular opinion, but if that was really the end, I am okay with that. It made narrative sense and Read more... )
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My morning run takes me past both the Joe Strummer mural and the bar they used as Luke Cage's in Jessica Jones. Some morning inspiration . . .
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The reveals have gone live on the SSR Confidential Agent Carter exchange. I'm still making my way through the collection, but I wanted to share my gifts, a lovely story I was privileged to beta, and . . . oh, I wrote something.

I didn't know about the exchange 'til after signups were over, so I was only a pinchhitter, but the organizer, Sholio, made sure I had a gift and it's a lovely bit of fluff. I love Peggy/Daniel, but I really liked Jason Wilkes and that tentative romance, as well, and she gifted me a delightful Peggy/Jason story, "It's a Good Life (but it can always be better)."

I had the privilege to beta selenak's definitive Ana Jarvis fic, "All of Me" which is a must-read. She captures Ana's personality and gives her a convincing history.

Selenak also kindly gifted me a fic outside of the exchange, Peggy and Manfredi at Howard's funeral, "Funeral Games" I am so interested in the lost years of Peggy and Howard and SHIELD and the glimpses we get of them -- this story does that wonderfully.

Finally, my pinch-hit. The requester, paperdream, had an amazing idea: Angie Martinelli with a dark side; Peggy trying to rescue Angie and finding out Angie can take care of herself. I'm proud of the story, but it's gotten relatively few hits; if you're so inclined to check it out, I'd love that.
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As I might have mumbled before, I am a huge fangirl for both Vanessa and our Creature, John Clare. So this week made me extremely happy.

First of all, it was an incredibly well-structured episode. Read more... )

Because you know I had to point out how Victor is an idiot . . .
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So, Vanessa, bad lifestyle choices, eh? To be fair Read more... )

And in conclusion, who do we talk to in order to make Ferdinand Lyle's Egyptology Adventures a thing?
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Watching the last episode of The Night Manager , M says, "*This guy* would make a great Bond!"

Me: um, you mean the lead?
M: Yes.
Me: So, Tom Hiddleston, then.
M: Yes.
Me: So the one the Internet has been saying for weeks now is in consideration to play Bond? And I've been telling you this?
M: Oh.

*Sure* you listen to everything I say.

Also, The Night Manager so good and I adored Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) so much.

Outlander, I am ready to break up with you. Read more... ) I have seriously never wanted to see a couple make out less than I do Claire and Jamie.

Penny Dreadful hit such a high last week that I knew I would not get to see my faves this week, so I had to endure Read more... ) and I'm "Victor, you are an idiot," which is my usual response to Victor Frankenstein.
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Just posted this on Facebook, for those who see me there, but . . .

Friends don't let friends take rush freelance jobs over long holiday weekends. Unfortunately, I was not a good friend to myself, and have a big deadline Tuesday morning. Plus I need to check in with my online class from time to time. So . . . I will be pulling 12-14 hour days today and tomorrow.

Wish me luck, or even better, share something good that's happening with you? Cheer me up when I take quick breaks to check social media . . . thanks!

so . . .

May. 23rd, 2016 05:26 pm
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Saw Captain America. Read more... )

This week's Penny Dreadful was . . . Read more... )

Officially my online summer I (the next 5 weeks) class started today.Read more... )
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I'm pretty devastated about the Agent Carter cancellation -- even though it wasn't unexpected, I'd really given this show my heart. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was one of the first times since Buffy ended its original run that I felt that real excitement about something on television.

So I've been responding to other people's disappointment in their comments. But I thought I'd share something I wrote in a response to a comment on my FB page: I recently rewatched Winter Soldier since eventually I will get the chance to get to a theater and see Civil War, and it struck me that if we can't have more Agent Carter, we should have an anthology series about the founding and earlier years of SHIELD -- Peggy and Howard would be leads in some and background characters in others, and some would be purely triumphant while others would show how Hydra was positioning itself within . . .

Also, there's a petition to ask Netflix to pick up the show. Even if she's too committed to her new ABC show to do more than an even-more abbreviated run, it's worth a try:
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I had a nice chat about Penny Dreadful in someone's comment section recently, which had me curious -- does anyone else who reads this watch the show? I am full of thoughts, which will probably end up here in some form, but I'd love to really talk about it on a regular basis with people who will talk back.

We are going to seriously trim our cable package soon, so unfortunately that will slow down my access, but I am not especially spoilerphobic. (Except about who wins Project Runway . . . )

Also, if anyone loves Agent Carter like I do, or even likes it a little, THIS wonderful fic is taking the place, for me, of the season 3 we may not get:

Endings and Beginnings by truth_renowned

It's Peggysous, so if you are a hardcore Steggy or Cartinelli person, you might want to steer clear, but otherwise, it's just lovely, and still in progress.
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Finally got myself to do something I've been contemplating for a few months now -- to start running in the mornings. I bought the sneakers last week -- I hadn't owned proper trainers in probably a decade (just Converse high tops). And Saturday, I started. To begin with, I'm doing quite short runs -- just from my apartment up to and around Tompkins Square Park, and back -- which Fitbit tells me is just over a mile. I've gone the past two days and weather permitting will go on Monday as well; I'm not going to push myself on work days as I walk between 4 and 6 miles (again, according to Fitbit, but I do a cross-town walk to and from the PATH train which I take to work).

The plan is to build up -- once I've gotten to four times 'round the park, I will try East River Park, which has a trail along the water. Right now, I think I'd be totally winded by the time I get there!

My FB feed is clearly happy for me, as I've gotten more "likes" than I've seen on anything in a long while.
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My insomnia last night led to my sleeping less than three hours. After I set M's toast on fire and fed the cats a second time because I forgot I'd fed them to begin with, I realized my functional levels were limited, so I emailed the morning's tutoring staff to let them know I wouldn't be in 'til the afternoon. I did get a fair bit of work done, mostly making a dent in a stack of emails and projects that staff had sent me.

On the way in, I ran into the writing director who, since she's real faculty and not running an office, does a lot of her work at home. Which was terrific because we each had a ton of things to tell the other so we started our meeting waiting for the light rail and continued it en route and in my office . . .

And then there were a couple of meetings -- a department thing and a lecturers' thing -- that went well.

So a bad day turned into a pretty good day, though the evening was a complete waste -- M went to bed around 8 and I immediately fell asleep on the couch.

And for some reason my alarm (which I didn't think was even set as I haven't used it in years) went off around midnight, and then a second time. Weird. M slept through the first round, but was sure the second was our smoke alarm and that we were going to die . . .
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Can't sleep. Actually quite delighted with the last episode of Agent Carter; just hoping against hope it's not the, er, last episode of Agent Carter. (Ratings apparently not as good as they could be.) Love this show in a way I have not loved anything since Buffy was on the air.

Miss the days when conversations happened here. Have been tweeting away. And now the West Coast is watching and it is delightful that Enver Gokaj and Reggie Austin livetweet the show. However, I have all the feels and I want to really talk about it. I have done my part to make it trend and I don't want to make my followers hate me by spamming the tweet-waves any further . . .

Have I mentioned that I'm usually up at 4am these days? I wonder if I can call in dead to work tomorrow. No one's signed up for the 10am tutoring appointment, so I might cancel the slot and wander in for my afternoon meetings -- I can grade papers at home in the morning. Hmmm. If nobody's signed up when M's alarm goes off, maybe I will.

Anyway, nice to see the ship I have been 'shipping since season 1 work out in the "Hollywood Ending." The thing about Peggy is she's great with Steve and she's great with Daniel Sousa and with Jason Wilkes, and I get the popularity of Peggy with Angie Martinelli -- Peggy really 'ships quite well with nearly everyone. Except for Jarvis, because they have such a BFF vibe and he and Ana are so perfect, and for Howard Stark, because just *eww*.

And I want all the stories.

Dammit. There needs to be another season. Or at least some Peggy Carter tv movies.

At least we're getting another season of Jessica Jones, at some point. And I'm willing to accept S. 2 of Daredevil as a next-best-thing substitute, in the meantime.

I'm guessing I won't lose a wink of sleep over the last episode of Downton Abbey next week. Just ready for that thing to be over. Let Molesley (w/ Baxter) and Edith be happy, and for god's sake, somebody get Thomas Barrow a boyfriend already. (And a job, but especially a boyfriend; he's suffered enough for past transgressions.)
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My Yuletide story, a Bletchley Circle/Agent Carter crossover, kinda just happened on Agent Carter last night. That is, Peggy backstory where she gets recruited into the field from being a Bletchley Park code breaker -- which I had happening to one of the Bletchley Circle characters.

Great minds and all that!

I'm tempted to revise to incorporate this.

Also Liv, the lead character on iZombie, just came across an audio book read by Kristen Bell and squee'ed that "I've always felt a connection to her!" Which delighted me since Liv is so much in the Veronica Mars mode (if Veronica were a zombie medical examiner).
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MCU fandom is vast, but it contains my two favorite things: Agent Carter and Jessica Jones.

Here are my requests: Read more... )
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