Jan. 1st, 2016

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For Yuletide I wrote: Wartime Interlude (The Bletchley Circle/Agent Carter crossover)

And I received: Covert Operations (The Bletchley Circle) by Longwhitecoats.

I'm humbled -- I wrote a 1700 word crossover, fun and I think a good character piece, but constrained by time and energy. I received a really long 6 part story which manages to be both casefic and femslash, and is just lovely. I'm just delighted by Bletchley all around . . .

I haven't had a chance to read much else, as I've been juggling deadlines and company, but it will be there.

M and I started bingeing on Daredevil today. Since I'm already obsessed with Jessica Jones, it was nice to see something else in that bit of the MCU. We got 4 or 5 episodes in; I think the rest will wait until I get home from my parents. (I'm going up alone, tomorrow, for five days -- it's just easier all around with my dad being so easily worn out these days.)

So here are my New Year's Non-Resolutions:

1. Use the Fitbit I got for Christmas and try to step up my walking etc.

2. Don't stress too much about my weight. I've put on 5-10 pounds over the past few years, and I'm not happy about it. I'm also 54 and perimenopausal, and it could be a lot worse. Most of my clothes fit; I would like all of them to fit. I'll do my best but also not beat myself up.

3. Keep up the good work with writing and conferences and etc. I'm off to a good start; just need to keep it up.

4. Instead of buying things, work with what I have. I've pulled some clothes out of my closet for alterations -- can this be let out? That needs taking in. Etc. I've also got a vintage lamp and a carpet bag I've had since the 80s, both of which have been awaiting repairs for years now -- I either need to do this, or get rid of them. Since both have survived numerous purges, I think the answer is "do this." They're out in awkward places now so that I can't just forget about them again.

5. Don't let people slip away. When Sarah died, I was so happy I'd managed to get to her birthday party the month before. But clearly . . . I thought she'd be there to catch up with when work and life were less intense. Bad move. On the other hand, seeing Sherri and Robin in Philadelphia, having silme come to visit, and having I. within daytrip distance reminded me how important long term friendships are. I need to find the time to cultivate friendships old, new, and in-between. Because they matter, and because people won't always be there.


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