Mar. 2nd, 2016

chelseagirl: (Peggy Carter)
Can't sleep. Actually quite delighted with the last episode of Agent Carter; just hoping against hope it's not the, er, last episode of Agent Carter. (Ratings apparently not as good as they could be.) Love this show in a way I have not loved anything since Buffy was on the air.

Miss the days when conversations happened here. Have been tweeting away. And now the West Coast is watching and it is delightful that Enver Gokaj and Reggie Austin livetweet the show. However, I have all the feels and I want to really talk about it. I have done my part to make it trend and I don't want to make my followers hate me by spamming the tweet-waves any further . . .

Have I mentioned that I'm usually up at 4am these days? I wonder if I can call in dead to work tomorrow. No one's signed up for the 10am tutoring appointment, so I might cancel the slot and wander in for my afternoon meetings -- I can grade papers at home in the morning. Hmmm. If nobody's signed up when M's alarm goes off, maybe I will.

Anyway, nice to see the ship I have been 'shipping since season 1 work out in the "Hollywood Ending." The thing about Peggy is she's great with Steve and she's great with Daniel Sousa and with Jason Wilkes, and I get the popularity of Peggy with Angie Martinelli -- Peggy really 'ships quite well with nearly everyone. Except for Jarvis, because they have such a BFF vibe and he and Ana are so perfect, and for Howard Stark, because just *eww*.

And I want all the stories.

Dammit. There needs to be another season. Or at least some Peggy Carter tv movies.

At least we're getting another season of Jessica Jones, at some point. And I'm willing to accept S. 2 of Daredevil as a next-best-thing substitute, in the meantime.

I'm guessing I won't lose a wink of sleep over the last episode of Downton Abbey next week. Just ready for that thing to be over. Let Molesley (w/ Baxter) and Edith be happy, and for god's sake, somebody get Thomas Barrow a boyfriend already. (And a job, but especially a boyfriend; he's suffered enough for past transgressions.)


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