Mar. 15th, 2016

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Describe your day, in detail?

Today, or an average day?

Today I'm on a visit to my parents; I watched an episode of Agent Carter on my tablet then got up, had breakfast and showered, talked on the phone with someone on Writing Center staff about a conference we're going to do next Saturday, went with my mom to donate some books (yay! I got them to start weeding out their collection, yay!), and now am settled down to get work done on academic projects. I will also hang out with my parents, but that's about it.

An average weekday: my husband gets up at 4, and the cats start bouncing on my head to get fed. If it's a weekday, I'm up by 4:30 to make him breakfast (if you can call coffee and toast making somebody breakfast) and feed the monsters; then I check email and etc. and once he's out the door, a little before 6, I shower and either get work done or watch something on TV. I walk across town from the East Village to the West Village to catch the PATH train to New Jersey, where I teach, do paperwork, have meetings, and otherwise pester the Writing Center staff. I usually leave about 5, to get home by 6:30. My husband makes the dinner (yay!), we catch up on our days and watch something on the DVR, and he usually goes to bed by 8 or 8:30. I'm up to anywhere from 9 to 11, depending on the day, either getting work done, reading, or watching tv -- or falling asleep on the couch with a book in my hand or the tv on. Generally a few cats drape themselves on or around me. Lather, rinse, repeat, as they say, though of course sometimes I meet friends for dinner, and one day a week I generally work from home to catch up on grading and etc. (Mondays this semester, but it depends on my teaching schedule.)

So, that was fascinating, eh?
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Tomorrow I'm going to be on a train most of the day, and I don't fancy tapping this out on my tablet or phone, so I'm going a day early.

Where does my username come from?

Glad you asked. For many years, I lived in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. (West high teens and 20s.) At one point, I sublet my apartment and moved in with my parents to try to get some work done on my dissertation without having to spend all my time working to support myself. At that time, my university email was long-distance dialup -- webmail was still a few years in the future -- so I set up a box on my dad's AOL account, so that I could use email more regularly. I named it chelseagirl to remind myself of what I was going back to, in case I got depressed being semi-isolated. (My parents had moved when I was in college, and so I didn't have hometown friends near them -- which meant I could get a lot of work done, without too many distractions. Oddly, I *do* have friends up there now that I'm not living there.)

When I started my LJ, I thought of chelseagirl again, but it was taken (probably by a football fan in the UK), so I was chelseagirl47 for years. (My university-issued email account was cas47 so the 47 just seemed appropriate.) Finally, whoever had Chelseagirl dropped their account, and I grabbed it.

The name also comes from the Andy Warhol film The Chelsea Girls, which was filmed at the legendary Chelsea Hotel, not far from my old apartment.

I moved to the East Village nearly three years ago now, but don't see any point in changing the name.


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