Apr. 10th, 2016

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Finally got myself to do something I've been contemplating for a few months now -- to start running in the mornings. I bought the sneakers last week -- I hadn't owned proper trainers in probably a decade (just Converse high tops). And Saturday, I started. To begin with, I'm doing quite short runs -- just from my apartment up to and around Tompkins Square Park, and back -- which Fitbit tells me is just over a mile. I've gone the past two days and weather permitting will go on Monday as well; I'm not going to push myself on work days as I walk between 4 and 6 miles (again, according to Fitbit, but I do a cross-town walk to and from the PATH train which I take to work).

The plan is to build up -- once I've gotten to four times 'round the park, I will try East River Park, which has a trail along the water. Right now, I think I'd be totally winded by the time I get there!

My FB feed is clearly happy for me, as I've gotten more "likes" than I've seen on anything in a long while.


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