May. 13th, 2016

chelseagirl: (Peggy Carter)
I'm pretty devastated about the Agent Carter cancellation -- even though it wasn't unexpected, I'd really given this show my heart. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was one of the first times since Buffy ended its original run that I felt that real excitement about something on television.

So I've been responding to other people's disappointment in their comments. But I thought I'd share something I wrote in a response to a comment on my FB page: I recently rewatched Winter Soldier since eventually I will get the chance to get to a theater and see Civil War, and it struck me that if we can't have more Agent Carter, we should have an anthology series about the founding and earlier years of SHIELD -- Peggy and Howard would be leads in some and background characters in others, and some would be purely triumphant while others would show how Hydra was positioning itself within . . .

Also, there's a petition to ask Netflix to pick up the show. Even if she's too committed to her new ABC show to do more than an even-more abbreviated run, it's worth a try:


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