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Last year I found out about this challenge late in the game, but was lucky enough to duck in as a pinch hitter. This year, I'm glad to be in from the beginning.

My request centers on Peggy and friendship. As I said in the request, I'm interested in Peggy's friendships with Jarvis and with Howard, as well as her friendships with Ana and with Rose. I ran out of tags, but of course I'm a fan of Peggy and Angie's friendship, and of Peggy and the Howling Commandos. I ship Peggy with Steve and with Daniel, but if you choose one of those, if you could emphasize the friendship within the romance, that would be great. The main thing is to center it on Peggy and her friendship with one or more of the other characters.

I'd be delighted to get a happy, positive story, or an angsty, potentially tragic one. I love both plot and character development. I'm not specifically looking for anything graphic, but I won't mind if you go that way, as long as the other requests are met. (No PWP, please.)

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