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This may be an unpopular opinion, but if that was really the end, I am okay with that. It made narrative sense and it's not like any of these people were going to have a happy ending. Of course I wanted another ten seasons of Vanessa Ives, but they've been teasing this since s. 1.

I do have some frustrations, like they finally got some more women on the team and I want so much more of them being amazing. I could totally watch Catriona and Seward's Further Adventures.

But what a great twist that Jekyll becomes Lord Hyde -- maybe we never get him transforming. And Lily comes off very well in the end, Victor realizes that he *is* the monstrous one and amends his behavior, and Dorian's ultimate hollowness is made clear.

And Kaetanay as werewolf and author of Ethan's curse -- makes so much sense.

And my dear Creature loses his family again but has entirely regained his humanity, doing the right thing by his son and mourning alone at Vanessa's grave.

Fans are already screaming their outrage over on Twitter, but honestly? I'm sad, actually crying as I write this, but it was a satisfying end to a brilliant show. If it continues, I will watch it but miss Vanessa like hell. But if it's over, it's rather perfect.<\lj-cut>

But wow do I wish I went to cons because I really want to cosplay Catriona Hartdegan!
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