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So everything I am fannish about comes to an end -- both Agent Carter and Penny Dreadful. *sigh* Perhaps, at least, the closed canons (well, I do not give up hope of seeing Peggy again in MCU flashbacks, if not *fingers crossed* another iteration of Agent Carter) will make me feel comfortable with ficcing, not worrying so much about getting Jossed.

For Penny Dreadful, I have IDEAS, mostly centered around Catriona and John Clare -- er, separate ideas, that is -- not sure I see those two characters connecting *at all*. The question is always finding the time, but since there's now almost nothing on tv I care about, I should be watching it a good deal less often. ;-)

But I do have a thought about Henry Jekyll. So one of the frustrations a lot of people had was never seeing Jekyll transform into Hyde -- and then the very last shoutout to inheriting his father's title and becoming Lord Hyde. Maybe it's all the postcolonial studies I did in grad school, but . . . Jekyll is Indian, and by inheriting his English father's title and estate, he becomes part of the system that keeps his people down. He's even enthusiastic about how upper-crust English society will have to accept him now. And that makes him the colonialist oppressor -- that makes him the monster.

No transformation needed -- he has transformed himself.
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