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I don't know if this is a thing for other people or not, but since I was 12 or 13, I have washed my hair every day. I know it depends on type of hair. I have very fine hair and when the ravages of adolescence hit, it was super-oily and really needed to be washed every day. Every morning, even -- I can still remember the 7th grade trauma of washing it at night and having a kid at school the next day ask me if I was a "greaser" (this was in the heyday of Happy Days and nostalgia for the 50s) because my hair was already oily again. From then on, I got up early to wash it before school.

Flashforward many decades, and I am still in the habit. My last two hairdressers have strongly suggested I shouldn't, because I'm stripping out the natural oils and damaging my hair. But I always felt like my hair was good for about a day and a half, not two days. And my scalp feels icky.

This summer, since I'm mostly working from home, I decided to try to make the break. My hairdresser said it would take about a month for my scalp to stop overproducing oils and then all would be good. It actually looks fine, and I'm starting to feel less icky, though it's weird showering with a shower cap on during non-hairwash days. I'm doing it four times a week, because I run MWF early morning, so then, and then once over the weekend, whenever I most need the confidence of it being fresh washed.

So I don't know if this is a thing for a lot of people, or not. I also wonder how I'll feel in September when I'm back to campus.
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