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Dear Author:

I think you'll find I'm pretty easy-going about my preferences. I'm not really looking for darkfic over the holidays, but if it fits with my requests (with Penny Dreadful, especially), then it's okay by me. I'm primarily interested in character and plot; I really don't care if it's G-rated or sexually explicit, or anything in between, but I'd prefer that the sex is secondary to a plotty or character-exploring story.

The Bletchley Circle: Jean McBrien, Susan Gray, Lucy Davis, Millie
Anything about these ladies, during or after the war. Mostly, I prefer explorations of friendship and case fics, but Millie slashes well with any of the others, if that's where your fancy takes you.

Penny Dreadful: Caliban/John Clare, Vanessa Ives, Brona Croft/Lily Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein
My two favorite characters are the Creature/John Clare/Caliban and Vanessa -- I only *friend*ship them myself, but I'm open to something more between them in your story, if that's what you'd like to write. What I'd really like to read is either something about their friendship, or what happened to the Creature/John next after he's seen sorrowing at Vanessa's grave. Does he head back to the Arctic, as in the novel? Does he return to his (earlier self's) wife, who's regained her sanity? Does he befriend Lily? Do he and Victor meet up again?
Honestly, if we matched on this show, but this doesn't inspire you, I'd also love to read anything about Catriona Hartdegan, Dr. Seward, and/or Ferdinand Lyle, preferably having adventures . . . .

Jessica Jones: Jessica Jones, Patricia Walker, Luke Cage, Malcolm Ducasse
I'm super-interested in the Jessica-Trish friendship, and I 'ship the hell out of Jessica/Luke, so anything on either of these would be amazing. I also find Malcolm's growing friendship with Jessica interesting. (But, btw, having just finished Luke Cage, I should mention that I also adore Claire Temple; I don't mind if the romantic situation gets complicated -- read that as you will -- but I don't want to see either one of the women dissed on the other's behalf! Girl power and all that . . . )

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange, John Childermass, Arabella Strange, Stephen Black
I chose the book, but I love both book and miniseries. The women are overall better developed on TV, but Stephen Black's story is much better developed in the book. So mix and match as you please, but I'm especially interested in anything to do with Childermass, Arabella, and/or Stephen Black.

Forever: Henry Morgan, Abe Morgan, Abigail Morgan, Jo Martinez
I'd love more in this canon. I'm especially interested in what happens next when Jo turns up at Henry's door, but backstory on Henry, Abigail, and Abe is also very welcome.


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