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Oct. 5th, 2016 05:15 am
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I finished Luke Cage last night, and really enjoyed it. At the beginning, it felt really mainstream, more of a crime drama than a Marvel show -- it wasn't until we got Luke's backstory and then Claire's arrival that I felt really grounded in the JJ/DD NYC world. (Loved the Trish Talk cameo, too.)

This show has such a wealth of well-drawn women characters of color -- Misty, Claire, Mariah, Priscilla, even the precinct captain. Heck, even Connie, who I wish hadn't disappeared completely.

But in the wee hours of the night, I wondered if the Luke/whoever 'ship wars are already rumbling over on Tumblr? I'm not including Misty, because it seems they both moved on from it pretty quickly, but Claire (who is the most awesome character in the Netflix MCU) vs. offscreen Jessica (whom I adore).

Contemplation under the cut:

So I started Jessica Jones having heard that Luke Cage was her love interest, later husband, in the comics. And the chemistry between Kristen Ritter and Mike Colter was blazing hot. And it's all f*cked up and dramatic and obviously Jessica is misanthropic and PTSD'd and drinking to forget (which, with her super-metabolism, I suspect requires a nearly superhuman effort) and just generally a really bad relationship candidate. Plus the whole thing where she killed Reva, even though it was all on Kilgrave, but neither Jessica nor Luke really sees it that way.

But I really want them together because they are tragic and f*cked up but also so very hot and they contain the seeds of healing for each other. And also because I just knew they were supposed to be together. Assuming the shows follow the comics, it's their destiny.

But Claire. I saw JJ first, DD second, and Claire Temple is a character that really stood out for me. Her relative lack of presence was a big downside of DD season 2 for me. Here is a woman who's principled, sensible, and thoughtful. For me, she electrified Luke Cage the series by acting as his conscience, serving to encourage him, knowing more about . . . what does this branch of the MCU call them? Gifted persons? . . . than Luke himself does. Also, she has very needed medical skills, and she knows a really good lawyer -- who does not love the idea of Matt Murdock defending Luke?

Claire is the most awesome and the best. She is also resolutely emotionally healthy -- she turned down Luke's first offer for "coffee" because she didn't really know him yet, and turned down Matt Murdock (the two handsomest men in at least this branch of the Marvel Universe!) because she recognized his emotional dark side. She deserves Luke, and she is much better for him than Jessica is. And she definitely didn't kill his wife.

But I still ship the hell out of Jessica/Luke. Aaargh!

Apparently in the comics Luke and Claire have a relationship but it ends because she doesn't like the risks he takes. So we could have Luke/Claire and then get Luke/Jessica later on, when Luke and Jessica are both more ready to forgive Jessica.

In any case, I really hope this does not turn into one of those woman against woman fan battles, like the ones that made Sleepy Hollow fandom so unpleasant.

And, coming from another perspective, I paired Jessica *with* Claire for a ficathon awhile back. It's called "Better Late Than . . ." and it was written before s. 2 of DD, so it assumes Claire is still in Hell's Kitchen. Check it out if you like:
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