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So Supergirl is kinda losing me this season. Here's why: There are a lot of things I do like. I do like Maggie and the potential romance with Alex. I do like the fact that Superman finally turned up; it's nice to see that the character deigns to be on his cousin's show. I do like Winn at the DEO, where he fits better than he ever did at Catco.

What I don't like: James Olson is a great character, and Mehcad Brooks is delightful. And Kara's crush on him and its consistent frustration was really pretty sweet last season. Plus Lucy Lane was a great catch and that's over because of James's feelings for Kara. So WTF, CW? Are you going to claim that the OBVIOUS Kara/Mon-El romance you have brewing is SO MUCH MORE STAR-CROSSED AND CRUCIAL because she's a Kryptonian (iow, Member of Honor Society and Student Council) and he's from Planet Fratboy? No.

OK, to be fair, I don't watch The Flash or Green Arrow, so I'm not meaning to slight any of the performers. But on the CW generally, we get a lot of generic pretty white boys. And I'm sorry, but I find James 1000% more attractive than Mon-El, and the whole Kryptonian/Human thing seems to be to be way more freighted than Kryptonian/Fratboy. I mean, Kara was blushing prettily over James in the same episode where she told him she just didn't think about him that way anymore. The whole Mon-El thing seems just totally unpromising to me, and they'd better gives James something major more to do or despite this show having delighted me last season, and despite it being my scintilla of comfort when I lost my beloved Agent Carter, I'm outta there.

And I really miss Cat, already, and she's barely gone.

Not sure if anyone's actually watching The Exorcist but M convinced me and it's nicely layered and complex. As long as they resolve this storyline this season and don't drag it out forever. They should do more like American Horror Story and do different possessions each season. We're an episode behind because who has the time, but omg, Angela, mother of the possessed, is Regan from the original movie/book! She changed her name and city to try to have her own life, and this is why she so easily recognized that her daughter is possessed. This is awesome! The two reviews I found online disagreed, but I'm excited. Also about the way her mom's shadow looked like the silhouette of the older priest from the original. Now just play Tubular Bells every week, and I'm all-in. Also, where is all the slashfic about the two hottie priests? OK, there are only 8 stories on A03 but they're all Marcus/Tomas, so fandom has not failed me.

Date: 2016-11-05 11:34 pm (UTC)
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I am with you on the Supergirl developments, especially Planet Fratboy. I feel singularly disinterested in him and Kara getting together. I do like James as the head of the magazine, but he's no Cat. :-/

And, yeah, the Exorcist is great! I'm really eager to see where the story goes, especially with the revelations (ha!) from last night's episode.

Date: 2016-11-19 02:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I miss Cat too. She was an awesome character. Yep, i am getting a bit peeved too over this season in general. Hope it improves.


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