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So much for my self-proclaimed hiatus -- I commented a lot *less* than I ordinarily would have and missed out on some certain-to-have-been fascinating exchanges, and yet I was never really gone. 'Cause of how that working at home thing gets a smidge lonely, though now that one of the post-semester deadlines is met and the other is underway, I can start having a real life again.

Since I haven't been posting, M. and folks from his job went to New Orleans to work for Habitat for Humanity for a week. He came back with my digital camera filled with wreckage pictures and a sense of the vastness of the destruction down there, and how little is really being done to rebuild compared to the scale of the devastation. (I'm looking at *you*, Mister President.) Also stories of accomplishments and fun, and because he was working outside in the 90s, several t-shirts on which the ink had, quite literally, run.

Met his work buds at his supervisor's cookout over the weekend. Quite liked some of them and especially the artist girlfriend of one of his bosses; think I inadvertently terrified his particular female buddy (who is literally half my age) by making the "ah, so you're the competition" joke. (Not *at all* true, or I'd never have said it.) One of the women and I went for a walk around the neighborhood, which is at the end of 3 line in Brooklyn; what does it say about NYC in this day and age that both of us suddenly became paranoid that we looked like real estate speculators?

Out to Jersey for my goddaughter's fourth b'day party. The cake was fascinating -- Maggie has serious allergies to flour, dairy and most of the things that go into cakes, and yet her mom pulled together a quite creditable one out of ingredients like barley flour and tofu. I wouldn't exactly seek out the recipe, but I got through my slice without wincing once.

Recently read: Sorcery and Cecelia, which was already on my wish-list when [ profile] queenofthorns gave her royal seal of approval, and was terrific fun (and which has triggered many thoughts out why nineteenth century fantasies tend to be sent during the Napoleonic Wars/Regency period in greater numbers than during the high Victorian era -- speculations on that in another post soon), and The Elementary Particles, by Michel Houllebecq, which was loaned to me by someone I felt the need to be polite to and which I'd otherwise never have picked up. Read more... )

Books read in May:Read more... )


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