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I think my brain exploded -- there was a Crow movie on tv last night with David Boreanaz and Tara Reid as the villains and Edward Furlong as the Crow-du-jour. DB played a kind of cross between Angelus and Goofy!Angel and the train wreckage went on and on and . . .

Dinner at A Voce for my parents' anniversary was low-key spectacular -- those of you in NYC who do fine dining, go there at once! My parents had never been to a restaurant on quite that level, and were duly bowled over by the food (they both had sea bass); M. had a veal dish and my aunt and I both had pappardelle with lamb bolognese -- really excellent. M. and I had been staying away from fine dining since he left the business, a) because of not being able to afford it and b) because even though he's well out of it, there are some regrets, so why taunt himself. So we really appreciated this. And the chef sent us an extra starter as well as champagne and desserts as an anniversary treat for my parents. (Just in case you missed my other post, he's a friend so I don't think this is standard celebration procedure there.)

How good was this week's Doctor Who? And how annoyed am I at HBO at making such a production out of this being the last season of Sopranos and then pulling the "You think it's over? There are eight more episodes next year!" switcheroo. OK, so literally, they're splitting the sixth season into two parts, as SciFi often does, but I'm feeling cheated. Although considering how totally benign the season-ender was, probably more cheated if that *had* been it. And there needs to be more Big Love -- I want to know what happens next.

Reading: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson for book club; I'll just say that considering the central premise of the book, it was exceptionally strange to have finished it shortly before going to church for Pentecost Sunday. Also, Graham Joyce's Requiem, which gets a bit muddled towards the end but is a well-written book with engaging characters and a strong sense of place which happens to be, in part, about a missing scripture regarding Mary Magdalene and the place of women in the early Church. As well as a ghost story set in modern-day Jerusalem. First published in 1995, when it did NOT make its author twenty million dollars, but as an alternative to That Other Book, well worth reading.


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