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If any of you read poetry, I'd like to recommend Rachel Wetzsteon's Sakura Park, just coming out from Persea Books. I was at the book party last night, where Rachel did a reading of some of the poems, and there are some favorites I already knew from elsewhere in the collection. ("Lawyers on the Left Bank," which reminds me of my previous life, was originally published in The New Yorker.)

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Interesting discussion over in [ profile] queenofthorns's journal (site of many interesting discussions) on the tomboy paradigm in literature and exactly why heroines of historical novels have to be written completely according to 21st century standards of behavior, attractiveness, etc. I shared with her one of my all time favorite literary descriptions -- in Trollope's Ayala's Angel when a male character describes his notion of a really unattractive woman, she is described as such: red-brown hair, prominent cheekbones, wide mouth. In other words, Julia Roberts. Yet most historical novel heroines are uncharacteristically slim (in those days associated with illness rather than beauty!) yet adored by every man who crosses their paths.

I do think it's an interesting problem, and one I've contemplated a great deal: how do you create a character who'll work as a viewpoint character for a modern reader without flying in the face of history. Behind the cut, my thoughts on that. Read more... )


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