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Lovely long weekend.

Saturday we had some people over to watch England lose ignominiously to Portugal in the free kicks, despite my loyally wearing the England team shirt my mum-in-law had sent me a few Christmases back. Afterwards we and one of our guests saw Superman Returns about which the most one can say, really, is "eh." Also, James Marsden needs a new agent, so he doesn't have to keep playing Second Choice Guy.

Sunday I worked, but blessed my boss for sending me a project on the press during the civil rights era.

Monday, [ profile] misskittytalks and I had our annual Shakespeare in the Park expedition to see Hamlet with Liev Schrieber and Jennifer Ehle. Wonderful production, despite the "eh" reviews Read more... )

Tuesday some friends held their annual Fourth of July brunch. This is a large-scale event, and our group of friends traditionally outlast everyone else, and get quality time with our hosts when they're actually able to sit down and socialize, which makes for a long, but fun, day as brunch stretches way past dinnertime. Lots of Doctor Who talk, which was interestingly problematic as some of the group have only seen Eccleston in the SciFi run and others of us had just seen the first half of the Tennant finale, but luckily, not a spoilerphobic bunch. Read more... )

Finished Naomi Novik's Throne of Jade and found myself actually more enthused by the end than I have been. Read more... )
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Just watched this week's Who; haven't seen reactions yet, but they're mixed at our house. Read more... )
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That last one was getting awfully long . . .

Last night we rented Casanova. Read more... )

And we saw X-Men. Read more... )

And of course, we saw "The Idiot's Lantern", which had M. all "look, look, it's the Ally Pally!" (Do they shoot some external shots outside of Cardiff? Obviously last season they did, but this season too? Because he swore that was the real Alexandra Palace, where he used to go for CBer rallies, since it was the highest ground in the vicinity.) Read more... ) Overall speculation on the Rose and Ten relationship. Read more... )


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