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Chelseagirl no longer lives in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC which gave rise to her username (along with the Warhol classic The Chelsea Girls), but will probably never resolve herself to be known as EVill Woman after her new home across town. I'm an academic and a reader, and I'm generally juggling far too many projects. I commute to New Jersey, where I teach and run a university writing center, and my academic interests include 19th century literature, comp/rhet, science fiction and popular culture. I live with my partner, cats, and way too many books for the size of my apartment. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still my favorite tv show of all time; currently, Agent Carter and Jessica Jones are my absolute favorites, and I am gleefully anticipating Captain Marvel. I recently signed my first book contract and am working on what I hope will be the first of a series of mysteries set in 19th century New York City -- of course! Mostly friends-locked, but I'm always happy to make new friends.

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