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First off, with a throwaway background movie marquee that advertises "Bend it Like Bentham", The Good Place is officially the best sitcom that the universe has ever known. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Second, I have been drooling over a 40s-style tilt fedora at East Village Hats, and wishing I'd bought one last year for my big holiday gift instead of a peacock-blue wide-brimmed fedora which I love, but which is more generic. (But the color! That's what nabbed me when I walked in to buy.) When I was chatting with the owner, Peggy Carter came up, and I mentioned that I had one of the official red Peggy Stetsons. We bemoaned how little it looks like Peggy's actual hat and she offered to re-block mine so it would look more like the hat that the costume designer mocked up out of the blank Stetson sent her. Anyway, she's reblocking it and now I'm wishing I hadn't said yes to a dinner party next Saturday, before getting an invite to a costume party the same night. (The latter is in NJ, so not realistic to try to do both.) Perhaps I'll just wear Peggy hat to school on the 31st anyway -- I wear so much vintage and vintage repro that half the time I already look like I'm doing Peggy cosplay. (From the broader sense of her wardrobe, not the blue suit beloved of cosplayers.)

And I still want the Grand Film Noir tilt fedora, but probably not in red. But it is one of those serious save-up items. Then I want a proper, well-fitting cloche, and a black cocktail hat with a veil. Then I need a life fabulous enough to wear a black cocktail hat with a veil.

Deadwood rewatch continues. Jack Langrishe just showed up, and Hearst is an Evil MoFo. And Steve the Drunk makes me think of Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball. But only his name. I thought Joanie/Jane were already obviously a couple by this point, rather than semi-roommates; I am definitely misremembering things. They did become a real couple, right? Or did I just wish that into existence? I still go "awwww" over Ellsworth, but he is mansplaining to Alma too much. And wow, Seth/Martha have progressed to handholding. They'resohot. And I am still in love with Sol. I remembered how angry Trixie was, but she's just so awesome anyway. And Al continues to inspire such loyalty. Including in me.
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So when I'm not working or sleeping or, okay, watching some stuff, I've been working on the original fiction. And it's going pretty well, but thank god, I taught Anne Lamott's "Shitty First Drafts" today and need to remind myself that it's okay to suck sometimes.

Also, the series ending of Halt and Catch Fire was seriously the best thing ever.

Also, if you don't watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (worst title in existence but great show), google "Let's Generalize About Men" -- seriously.

Slowing down re. Deadwood because I'm almost done with s. 2 and I want it to never end and yet I see it snowballing towards disaster.

Open ID?

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:17 pm
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I want to participate in the smallfandombigbang challenge, but the support comm is on LJ.

I deleted my LJ of many years very deliberately this spring, over the Russian censorship issue.

I'm told I can use OpenID to join the comm over there.

Except when I look at the DW FAQ on OpenID, I see info on using OpenID on DW. When I look at the LJ FAQ, it tells me I can use OpenID over there and then requests a URL.

I cannot figure out how to create an OpenID account from DW to use on an LJ comm.

What am I missing?
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I've gotten used to the idea that I'm only going to get 2 kudos on each of those older stories I've been reposting, though the last longer one finally got up to 4, yay! But I posted one on Friday that still has none despite having gotten 27 hits. Where are my 2 happy readers? Cut for C. being anxious and silly. Read more... )

Meanwhile, my Deadwood story has kudos only from folks I know, and not that many other hits (way less than the more obscure fandom, above) so I guess not a lot of random searches in that fandom these days.

And I'm clearly always going to spoil myself on ST:D because since M and I watch together, we sometimes don't watch 'til the Saturday, the day before the next one comes out.
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Yesterday I went to a conference, NCPTW (national conference on peer tutoring in writing), which was held out on Long Island, so even though it's not one of my usual conferences, I thought I'd check it out. Great panels, the ones I saw, though I missed the first day -- it was a Friday/Saturday -- and arrived a bit late on the second because I presented along with a student writing consultant, who had to get the train in from NJ to meet me at Penn Station to get out to the island, and . . . trains happen.

My blouse, a very pretty one which was one of my late aunt's and which I'd never actually worn before, turned out to be not-so-well-engineered across the bustline, shall we say? I hadn't thought to wear a cami underneath, just my bra, so after I realized it had unbuttoned itself at one point, this was a potential disaster.

Aisha lent me one of her hijab pins to keep it closed and stave off that disaster.

Dammit, I love my diverse America as it is, not the America Trump and his followers want it to be.
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Interesting what I'd forgotten and what I'd remembered. I'm a bit more than halfway done with s. 2 now.

Why is it that I like Dan Dority so much? He kills on command for Al, and yet there's something almost sweet about him? Generally, the group at the Gem, despite surface unpleasantness, seems to have an underlying care for each other -- visually portrayed after Al's surgery when Doc Cochran, Trixie, Dan and Johnny all kind of pile up around Al in their joy at his recovery.

While Al is by far the most compelling character, on first watch I was so smitten by Timothy Olyphant that Seth was my other focus. While he's still very lovely to look at, not to mention interestingly complex, he's a difficult proposition in many ways. I continue my crush on Sol, this time around, and I've just gotten to the point of Ellsworth's proposal, where he becomes the center of all "awwwwwwwww"s.

Charlie Utter is another character I'm paying a lot of attention to, this time around; his friendship with Joanie is, as scripsi has commented elsewhere, complete in itself and separate from anything to do with Al, Seth, Cy -- the depth and richness of this world is something that gives me joy.

Trixie -- although Al wants her hanging out at the hardware store partly as eyes and ears on Seth and Sol, I also get the feeling that he's happy for her learning bookkeeping. Her level of self-loathing is almost as great at Jane's. We just had Jane's first call on Joanie, the beginning of the friendship that leads to the relationship. The way Joanie was sitting in the dark, waiting for Wolcott to come, I expected she was waiting to die (even though I remember she didn't), and was so pleased when she, instead, defended herself and drove him off. So much learned helplessness among the women, and so nice to see them rise up against that.
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Deadwood rewatch has slowed down a bit because I keep falling asleep in the evenings, and M was off for Columbus Day yesterday, so I just left early for the office. And got so much done! So much easier to accomplish things before the Writing Center opens and I start needing to interact with people . . .

Does anyone here watch The Exorcist? Read more... ) this season we have *tah-dah* John Cho! Admittedly, there are all kinds of church-hierarchy conspiracies, so it's like the lovechild of The Exorcist and a Dan Brown novel, but hey, priests so slashy that even I see it . . .

Thoughts about writing: So I have started writing a historical mystery. And I'm having some lengthy thoughts, and I'll put up a cut, but I'd appreciate it if anyone is patient enough to read the following, because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this with: Read more... )

So yeah, I really need encouragement to keep going and I'm afraid I'll fizzle out. I've been telling nonfannish Real Life friends that I'm doing this (without all those details) hoping to embarrass myself into continuing. When it's so much easier to write something for AO3, where I might not get much attention, but even a couple of kudos or a comment is enough motivation to keep going.

And because my scholarship is turning more towards writing studies and less towards what I trained in, I'm also finding that writing something set in the 19th c, even if it's in the "wrong" country (I focused on the British novel in grad school) makes me feel engaged with that whole part of my life again.
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The last two episodes of season 1 are when I realized this wasn't just a good show, but a great show -- and on rewatching a decade later, that still holds true. Al's near-Shakespearean soliloquy while on the receiving end of a bj was brilliant enough, while so many things in that finale -- Doc Cochran's on-his-knees soliloquy, Seth and Alma's doomed-from-the-start but so passionate coming together, and especially Swearengen's killing the terminally ill and raving (of a brain tumor) Reverend gently, almost kindly and carrying the body back to the Doc's himself in his arms (how often do we ever even see him leaving the Gem?), and then coldheartedly arranging for Adams to kill the magistrate in an almost offhand way.

I love that Swearengen supports Seth's ascension to the position of Sheriff in 1.12 and then that they're almost immediately at odds in 2.1.

It almost hurts to see how Trixie's self-loathing causes her to keep sabotaging things with Sol, and how patient he is. (He still gets my vote for Most Sane and Reasonable Person in Camp.) And while I'd remembered later on Joanie/Jane vividly, I'd forgotten about Alice Krige's character. Watching Cy Tolliver towards the beginning of s. 1, it's notable how alone he is now, surrounding by yes-people and underlings as he's driven away both Joanie and Eddie, who'd seemed to be such a unified team when the Bella Union first opened. (I was pleased to see that Ricky Jay was still writing scripts in s. 2 even though he'd left the series after s. 1.)

Since I hadn't rewatched since the original broadcast, I was surprised about Garrett Dillahunt's recasting in a second role in s. 2. I guess M and I never noticed because of the time in between, as well as because the character was so different in appearance and manner. But now it's striking me as really odd, especially in a show that is so very meticulous about detail.

Also, there is a story I want to write about Wu -- something that I expected to happen all through the series and never did. Maybe I'll get on that tonight.
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And . . . I was excited to see baby Kristen Bell turn up as Flora, but I'd forgotten just how brutally that storyline ended.
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So far, of my asks, there are two ask-offers, which are clearly both me -- though someone else nominated one, so I have hopes someone will still sign up for that. And the third, two have asked, including me, and none have yet offered.

On the other hand, I've offered two others that I'm sure to match on, so I'll have something to write. But what happens if one ends up with no match on the asks? Do the mods ask one to choose a few more fandoms? Has this ever happened? I'd decided to focus on fandoms I really wanted to get a story in, as some years I've gotten the fandom I most wanted and some years I got something I tossed in as an extra (though the stories were lovely and I'd never be ungrateful). Maybe that was a tactical error. ETA: Last time I did an exchange -- not Yuletide -- I was very general in my request, thinking that I'd make my match happy, as they could write pretty much whatever they liked. My original match first asked for more specific prompts, which I didn't reply to, as things were crazy with work and etc., and then dropped out. I got a lovely story, but did see myself in a pinch hit post early on. So I seem to be making mistakes in both directions . . .

Deadwood rewatch: Sol is the absolute best -- I think he might be the only sane and entirely civilized person in camp. Martha is mentioned even in episode 5; on rewatch things are so tightly woven! And I'm loving Trixie, Alma, Joanie being complicated characters very early on. Oh, and Al, threatening Bill's killer. His morality may be highly selective, but it's there.

Grantchester: The other day I blanked on the name, so I googled "What is the show with the hot vicar?" And the correct title popped right up.
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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you so much for writing for me! I know exchanges can be tricky, and if our preferences don't match entirely, I will still be delighted that you've given me this present, so please don't let it be stressful for you.

In general: usually I ask for non-tragic stories for Yuletide, but honestly, with any of the fandoms I've requested this year, I am good with angst . . . or humor, or anything in between. I'm not a big fan of AUs, though I don't mind canon-bending for a purpose, and as a whole, I prefer gen, het, and femslash, depending on the situation, of course. I especially love intense, complicated friendships, and stories that are either plot-heavy or character explorations. I'm not offended by sexually explicit stories, but nor do I require that to enjoy them.

Since I'm asking for multiple Western fandoms, I'd be delighted if you crossed any of them over -- as I've said, I'm fine with bending timelines, though I'm not a big fan of AUs outside of context.

Strange Empire: I discovered this show fairly recently, and am obsessed! A feminist intersectional Western, with great characters, what could be better? I would really be happy reading almost anything about it. Things I am particularly interested in: Kat/Mecredi, anything from loving and happy to angsty and tragic. And I would like to see Morgan Finn find happiness, whether with Rebecca, Miss Logan, or otherwise. I'm also super-interested in the season-ending cliffhangers, especially since we didn't get a second season: does Kat find Jeremiah and is she able to help him? how does Isabelle deal with the balance of power between Ling, Cornelius and herself? I do prefer things to be more plot and/or character oriented, with romance being more of a pivot point than the heart of things, though as I've said, I'm especially invested in Kat/Mecredi (or Kat/Jeremiah) and Morgan/anyone.

Alias Smith and Jones: A long-ago fandom recently rediscovered. If you've offered to write in this fandom, I will be happy to read what you write. I prefer them as friends, and I'd be happy to read about a Hannibal Heyes plan gone wrong, or a hurt/comfort story, or a mystery or really nearly anything. Whether you want to go lighthearted or angsty, I'm good, and any time frame -- during their criminal days, during the series, or post-amnesty -- is terrific.

Deadwood: This is my most specific request: ever since this show was first aired on HBO, I have had a rare pairing I've wanted to see more of -- Al/Alma. Only towards the end of the series, when she's come into her own as a powerful person in her own right, but I've imagined them after the show ends becoming a power couple (assuming Deadwood survives, of course) -- whether actually involved or just doing the marriage of convenience thing. There are a few great stories about them on here, and I would love to see another one. If that's not your cup of tea, anything complicated and nonromantic involving Al and Seth works for me. And I shipped Alma/Seth throughout most of the series, though I started feeling guilty about Martha after awhile . . . can I ship them again, guilt-free?

The Defenders: I am a sad, pitiful Jessica/Luke shipper. Even though I know Jessica is a mess, even though I know Claire is better for Luke, even though a lot of other things, I keep mumbling "but they got married in the comics" and also whenever I walk past Vazac's in the East Village (which was Luke's bar in JJ), I look for Luke through the windows even though I know he is not real and will not be there. Anything with these two would delight me, whether it's angsty or hot or funny or tragic or whatever. I also adore Jessica and Trish's complicated, messy, devoted and very real friendship, as a friendship. (I didn't realize how popular they are as a 'ship 'til looking at tags during Yuletide signups . . . I promise I'll catch up . . . )
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I've watched the first two episodes, so far. I'd never rewatched after the original run on HBO, though we'd bought all the DVDs because it's one of those shows you just have. Rewatching the first episode I saw so much in retrospect -- characters who didn't really catch my eye or my attention until later on and etc. who now are clearly already woven into things from the very beginning.

I'd also forgotten how very awful Al is in the beginning. I almost can't remember if he got more complicated later on (except that I know he did, and I remember the first episode where I saw it happening), or if I just came to love his awfulness. I think both. It's also funny how in the first episode (clearly TPTB were nervous that Ian McShane wouldn't be able to master the American accent), Ellsworth talks about his "limey accent" and meanwhile McShane is doing that perfect American accent he's been doing ever since. When I see him actually playing British now, it almost confuses me. And also, watching this, I am reminded why he is the perfect Mr. Wednesday now in American Gods.

And Seth! Who also gets more complicated as things go on . . . and is complicated even from that first scene in Montana, but who I'm also now comparing to Olyphant's role on Justified.

I just kind of want Wild Bill to die already; he's so tedious. And Alma's husband, who looks a little like Clark Gable but is a complete idiot. Luckily for me. . .
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I really enjoy this show, but it occurs to me that Donna is being punished for being a woman with ambitions.

Spoilers for episodes in the US to date.

Donna seems to be falling apart, what with the drinking, the injudicious sex, always seeming so lonely and on the edge.

Cameron is allowed to get away with things, but Cameron is kind of like a guy, in a lot of ways. The writers seem to understand her better.

Gordon gets the camaraderie and friendship that Donna is denied, and the hot younger girlfriend, and he gets to still be the Good Guy with Donna (when he picks her up after her DUI).

Joe . . . is Joe.

But Donna dared to be ambitious, to want to actually capitalize on what they've achieved. And her browser idea is way better. Joe got to be super-successful for awhile in season 3, when he seemed to be channeling Steve Jobs. He lost a lot, but he landed on his feet.

All of them suffer at times, but Donna is the one who seems to actively be punished by the narrative, for her hubris. And why is it hubris? If a man acted that way, would it be considered so bad?

Also, last year for Yuletide, I wrote a fic which explained Donna's motivation, in part, as being in love with Cameron. Judging by her reactions this year, I think I was not wrong.
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Just finished s. 1 of Wynonna Earp, and now the first half of s. 2, which was on SyFy On Demand *last week* is gone.

Being an impatient type, I plunged into 2.8, but dammit, I'm missing a lot.

And now I realize that Bobo has something in common with Spike.

Also, we watched the first Star Trek: Discovery. Pretty good, too many subtitled Klingon scenes. And sad to see Michelle Yeoh listed as "special guest star" -- she's fabulous.

M can't get CBS: All Access to run on our smart TV, so we may be watching the rest on his phone.

And now I am wanting to rewatch Deadwood, which I *do* own complete on DVD.
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OK, y'all have convinced me -- well, y'all along with someone in my book group who talks about it a lot -- to check it out. I'm only on s. 1 e. 6, so I am going to say naive things, but . . .

Wow, is this show cheesetastic. I can see why my partner gave up after episode 1, when it first aired. But then, I watched Lost Girl, so clearly kickass women, a sense of humor, and sex positivity go pretty far with me, especially if the cheese is that special Canadian brand. I'm definitely caught up in it.

It doesn't hurt that I am going through a Western phase at the moment -- someone watch Strange Empire on Netflix so I have someone to talk about it with, please? Of course I am most fascinated by Doc, since he's actually *from* the Old West and since I'm always fascinated by out-of-time characters. Especially since he has a little bit of a Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood combined with Timothy Olyphant in Justified thing going. (Hell, I watched Santa Clarita Diet for Timothy Olyphant.) I'm sure I can't trust him as far as I can throw him, though, and I mean me, not Wynonna, and I can throw way less far than she can.

Wynnona clearly gets her clothes in the same place that Jessica Jones gets hers. In fact, my first reaction was that this was kinda ilke a Western JJ, if Jessica hung out with Willow Rosenberg instead of Trish Walker. I mean, Wynonna has a different personality, but a lot of traits in common with Jess.

I am spoiled enough to know about later ships. But I would like to know why any character who is a) attractive and b) not directly or ancestrally connected to the OK Corral incident has a ridiculous name like Dolls or Haught-pronounced-Hot? I know this has its origins in a graphic novel (mostly because I read it in the credits), but it's distracting.

Also, Canada should make all the Westerns, modern or past, because Scenery.
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Thought for the evening:

I know that Luke Cage won't really be behind the bar at Vazac's when I walk by, but I can't help looking, anyway.
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I was bid on to write a Lord Peter Wimsey/Agent Carter crossover for Love Trumps Hate and have been struggling with it for months. I had a number of false starts and then started to write it through Dum Dum Duggan's voice, which I was really enjoying, until I realized that a) the problem with writing a WWII story is that I can only write the homefront; behind the lines is not something I can envision well enough to write. And also that b) my original plan -- Lord Peter, Peggy, and Dum Dum go behind the lines to rescue Lord St. George (who, according to Sayers' notes, was to have been an RAF pilot in the war) and Howard Stark -- had a fatal flaw in that Lord Peter's shellshock/PTSD meant he really is better off doing the Foreign Office/diplomacy thing. Harriet and Bunter literally told me that in dialogue!

So as to not entirely let down the bidder, who's been so cooperative and understanding, I wrote a little squib, where Peter and Peggy meet up after the war. You can read it here, should you like:

I wonder if I'm witty enough to write Wimseyfic. I keep parading Peter and Harriet into crossover stories (okay, well, twice), because they are awesome, but I'm not certain whether I'm confident enough to write them on their own. I thought I was, but now I wonder.

Yuletide nominations -- first time I've actually done this:
Strange Empire - feminist Canadian western that's on Netflix in the US, and only lasted one season (2015). Focuses on women and shows an old West, that reflects the actual diversity of the time and place instead of whitewashing, on the Montana/Alberta border, and has lots of interesting flawed women characters, a wonderful trans man, and Tahmoh Penikett being all handsome and stuff. The dialogue sounds a bit stylized, which I think is a post-Deadwood thing, but I was riveted.

The Bletchley Circle, perennial favorite (of mine, anyway).
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Also, I am completely obsessed with The Defenders, even though it is a week away. Oh, Matt, Jessica, Luke, that other guy!
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I was googling myself the other day, because I got curious -- five or six years ago, an old college boyfriend googled me and found some of my fanfic from the 90s, when we innocently used our real names, assuming things on the Internet would forever be silo'ed.

[That turned out ok, because it was the now-decades old ASJ fanfic I've recently referenced. There was sex in some of them, so that actually was a bit embarrassing. I explained fanfic but since he didn't know the show, for him it was just stories. He ended up reading the whole series, and sent me emails about them over a period of six months or so, which was fun, as I hadn't thought about them in years and it was fun to have such an unexpected reader.]

Anyway, the person who ran the site they'd been republished on later removed my surname, at my request, because we don't cheerfully violate copyright under our real names these days. But I was curious if I was listed in Fanlore or anyplace like that, so I shaped a search with my name and fandom, and the answer is yes I am, attached to zine-based stories and awards. If I hadn't targeted the search, I suspect it would have been buried under my professional conferences and publications, and anyway, it doesn't really matter because fandom studies is long established as an academic thing.

I also discovered that in a recent academic book on Doctor Who fandom, a piece that I scripted and a friend drew back in the early 80s was actually cited in one of the articles, in a favorable way. At the time (just like now) I was not a congoer and the editor of the zine never sent me my contributor's copy, so I only saw the actual zine years later when the artist found a used one in a dealers' room and got it for me. (I had some xeroxes of our finished piece, meantime.) But years later, this fandom scholar had access to the zine. So very funny -- I've been cited before, but always for my critical pieces, not for a creative transformative work . . .Also, it was in a series of fandom studies books from a particular press, and I nearly bought the Dr. Who one at a conference, but ended up buying the Buffy one instead. If I had got the Dr. Who one, what a surprise that would have been, when I got to that article!


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