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Much as I deplore the commercialization of our culture, the Captain Marvel Audi ad is actually pretty adorable.
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Krysten Ritter posted a pic of herself and Rachael Taylor on Instagram for National Siblings Day and said Jessica Jones season 3 was coming soon. Hope this augurs well for the Jessica and Trish relationship, and just nice to have some news!
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This year's requests:

Peggy Carter & Howard Stark
I love Peggy's relationship with Howard -- she cuts right through the nonsense and sees him as who he really is. Anything from wartime stories to the founding or operating of SHIELD, funny or serious or both -- all of that will make me happy!

Angie Martinelli/Howard Stark
I always thought that Angie, despite her desire to be a star, would be resistant to the casting couch. I think she and Howard would make quite a pairing, because she wouldn't just respond like all the starlets do. I'd love to see the two of them sparring.

Peggy Carter & Rose Roberts
I'm very fond of female friendship fic and these two have so much potential!

Jason Wilkes
I'd like to know more about Jason Wilkes -- his background, how he got to where he got, and what happens to him afterwards -- at Stark Enterprises, perhaps he ends up at SHIELD, etc?
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So . . . Read more... )

So basically, I don't think I have time to do the research 'til school's out for summer. This may turn into serious time at the NYPL Main Branch. Do I go ahead and draft the book, assuming I can make changes based on what I learn historically about shoddy building construction? But the character stuff would remain the same. Or do I put the whole thing on hold until I learn more?

I'm inclined to continue to write, assuming I can make changes later. I think it will be a better book because of it. But . . . frustrated.

Maybe this is why "cozies" are so popular -- the authors seem to incorporate their own hobbies of cooking, crafting, whatever. My characters definitely do not live in my world. They do live in the world I studied in grad school, more or less. But there's so much to learn . . . .
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I've had trouble putting into words what I loved so much about the movie. This is a response to lunabee34's squee post that maybe explains part of it. Running late so not going to edit this carefully, but wanted to get it said:

I loved Carol so much -- I've read some of the comics, so I knew I would, but -- she was real. I loved Wonder Woman but she was literally divine and a princess. Carol is a regular person, with her quirks and problems, who's been given this gift of immense power and yet still has to overcome literal conditioning to claim it. I didn't see the "meh" that so many people have seen in Brie Larson's performance -- I saw that woman who'd ignored gender expectations not because she came from an island of Amazon warriors but because she saw what she wanted and she went for it. Who was capable of deep friendships, who was deceived, who was clever but could be wrong about things. I liked her all the more for it. She's less flawed than some of my other favorite heroines (Jessica Jones, Wynonna Earp), but she's far from perfect. She's determined to ignore the voices telling her who she should be (like Peggy Carter). Is she super-dynamic? No. She's . . . a person.
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Borrowed from [personal profile] scripsi because I'd rather blather on about fanfic than grade papers this afternoon.
Looking at AO3:

FANFIC - 62. That includes whatever old stories from other archives and mailing lists and zines I think worth posting. (Well, there might be a Buffy one from a zine that I'd have to retype from scratch, so maybe not . . . )

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?
Teen And Up Audiences (21)
General Audiences (19)
I have 12 Not Rated (most of which would fit in Teen and Up, I think), and 5 each Mature and Explicit.

What’s your most common archive warning?
No Archive Warnings Apply (55)

Least common?
Rape/NonCon (1)

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
Probably not.

How many stories have you made in each pairing category?
Gen (39)
F/M (34)
F/F (4)

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
I'm drawn mostly to female characters, to write about or to use as viewpoint, so gen and F/M are most frequent, with forays into F/F. Oddly enough, my most written in fandom is a show about two men, but unusually for fandom, some of my original female characters have become quite popular. With that very large exception in mind, just look at who else I write about . . . I'm certainly not against M/M and sometimes read it, but as a writer, I just don't feel it.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers?
Alias Smith and Jones - 39
Agent Carter - 9
And then a whole bunch of 2s, including The Bletchley Circle, Deadwood, The Hour, Jessica Jones, Wonderfalls, Life on Mars (UK), Lord Peter Wimsey, and Sleepy Hollow (TV). (I'd written more Life on Mars than that, but only two of them called out to be reposted; I also was very into writing Forever Knight for awhile, but again, there was only one that felt like it needed to be memorialized here.)
There are also things I adore with all my heart, but just don't feel the need or ability to write, though I may eagerly read in them. That includes Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Buffy, Penny Dreadful, and I suspect Captain Marvel will be joining them. I started a Wynonna Earp/Jessica Jones crossover, but I lost the draft in a tragic memory stick accident, and hadn't been motivated enough to try and recreate it.

Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?
I wrote a whole bunch of Alias Smith and Jones back in the 90s, and then I've been writing it again for the past year and a half. Something about it just makes me want to set stories in its world. I will certainly sign up for SSR Confidential this spring, so I expect to get Agent Carter to an even 10 soon.

What are your top 4 relationship tags?
The top three are all ASJ, friendship between the two male leads, and then relationships with OFCs. (I SWEAR they're not Mary Sues. I was pushed to really create rounded and flawed characters in order to defy the stereotype!)
Beyond that, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (5)
Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers (3)

Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
The only thing that's puzzling is that I don't really write Steve, so these are past Peggy/Steve. (Not that I don't love Steve, but there are tons of people out there writing him, and also that relationship is all the more devastating and beautiful in the ways it ends in the various movies.)

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2?
Romance (12)
Crossover (4) So obviously I am a great big sap.

The bottom 2 are Domestic Fluff and Murder Mystery, both with 2, although I also have 2 CaperFic, Crack, and Hurt/Comfort.

What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
Hmmm, maybe that's the Wynonna Earp - Jessica Jones Crossover I abandoned. Wayhaught gets all the Domestic Fluff points . . . Wynonna/Doc and Jessica/Trish, I think. Jessica/Luke are my OTP, but Jessica/Trish has so much emotional resonance. Anyway, Wynonna/Jessica would be weirdly like falling in love with yourself . . . And then they'd just have to solve a murder mystery. Hmmmm . . .

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
I honestly don't post things until they're finished. I did post one last month where I was still finishing edits on the last chapter, but that felt very scary! I do have one ASJ series that will have more individual stories in it, and another that may get a sequel.
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Interesting challenge: when you're writing fanfic, you need to write the character accurately, but your audience is already predisposed to like or dislike them accordingly.

When you create an original character, you have to make sure the readers will like them, if that's the goal. I'm thinking specificially in terms of my love interest, who needs to be made into a credible and appealing character. No shorthand, as when he's someone most of my readers are half in love with already . . . . (In that particular fandom that is literally true.)
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So I am working on a mystery novel about a female lawyer in the 1880s. (There were a few of them in the US.)

A friend of mine is writing about a female Pinkerton in the 1870s.

If we wanted an exciting new group name for what we write, what would you suggest?

I would like New Woman Mysteries, except I think you have to be a 19th century scholar for the term New Woman to mean anything to you. There's an author with a series called Gaslight Mysteries so that is out. She wondered about something with Steam in it, but I see Steampunk as being pretty much over as any kind of market force. (I say this as someone who was active on the scene 7-8 years ago and wandered away, because nothing that interesting was happening. Though I met amazing people and lived out my fantasies of riding the subway and going clubbing dressed as a Victorian.)
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In a random Google moment, I just discovered that Jason Ralph, Quentin on The Magicians, is married to Rachel Brosnahan, who plays Midge Maisel. Just trying to imagine their characters in a scene together and overcome with delight at the absurdity. (At least they're both in shows that film in NY.)
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OK, since I am all about female characters, I must play this one!

Here is a list of 10 of the female characters I love:

1. Jessica Jones
2. Peggy Carter
3. Veronica Mars
4. Joanie Stubbs
5. Wynonna Earp
6. Emma Peel
7. Elizabeth Bennet
8. Michael Burnham
9. Aeryn Sun
10. Lix Storm

Give me a number from the below list and I'll answer the question. Or try to.

1. What defining trait draws you to them?
2. Do you have a pairing you prefer for them?
3. Is there a point of canon you would change?
4. 3 sentence ficlet please? (provide prompt)
5. Random 5 things about this one?
6. What is the best point of canon in your opinion?
7. Random crossover crack ficlet please? (choose two of the ladies, or one and provide a second fandom to cross with)
8. How would canon be different without them?
9. Give a shag/marry/cliff trio for the lady.
10. Ask any other question!
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. . . We're doing a Parks & Rec rewatch -- my partner likes to watch a sitcom in the morning before leaving for work because it's calming, I guess -- and they have pointed out to me that . . .

Shazad Latif and Adam Scott look an awful lot alike.

And now I can't unsee it. So now I'm going to see Ben Wyatt when I'm looking at Ash Tyler/Voq. Oh dear.

Hmmm, although they don't look at all alike, I'm now comparing personalities of Michael Burnham and Leslie Knope. A rabbit hole I do NOT need to go down . . .
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Your 19th century heroine doesn't wear a corset because she finds it uncomfortable and confining?

Let's hope she's small-breasted then, because bras did not exist during the time period you are describing. (Hey, when I was an A cup, I found camisoles worked just as well. I only wore my normal bra at the gym when everyone else was putting on sports bras.) But if this is a historical romance, she's probably not.

I myself tried to wear corsets a few times during my steampunk years, without much success, but they were fashion corsets (you know, for that steampunk "wear them on the outside" look) and not particularly fitted to me. Yes, I left those parties after a few hours, and yes, I learned not to eat much if I was going to wear one. However, most women wore them, in the 19th century (I know less about previous eras, not having studied them specifically), and most women were fine in them. All that stuff about women fainting? Only a minority of women actually tight-laced, which certainly could lead to that. The rest wore corsets that fit them appropriately.

It's just such a universal thing in historical fiction, that one's heroine, who defies the norms, does so partly by not wearing a corset. But women actually wore them for reasons other than making their waists tiny. But book after book after book insists that their heroine expresses her individuality thus. So, go talk to the women who do historical costuming, and they will tell you how you cannot get the historically accurate look without the period-correct underpinnings. And also that if something is cut to be worn with a corset, it may very well not fit you without said corset, so simply liberating oneself from one's corset is unlikely. And also a corset that is made specifically for the wearer is not uncomfortable, just requires a bit of getting used to.

FWIW, I recently found myself describing a character's husband -- in a 19th century sex scene -- undressing her with all the underlayers, and he has a stray thought that she only ever complained about her corset on the few occasions she'd accidentally fallen asleep wearing it.

This brought to you by my reading a friend's ms which I am loving, except on the first page, we get the Corset Trope.
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It's encouraging to see all the new folks around, whether they're newcomers from Tumblr or just people I'm meeting through the Snowflake Challenge. I love this form of social media and am excited to see the influx. Here's the short version of me:

Middle aged college professor living in NYC (dissertation in Victorian lit, now run the writing center and teach composition and science fiction to STEM students). Identify as cishet, but my partner is genderfluid and on hormones (MtoF) so possibly my identification is oversimplistic. Small apartment, lots of books, we're cat people.

Fannishly, I tend to focus on female characters, which means I usually write gen, het and f/f. Although contradictorily, my primary writing fandom is a show that only has two main characters, both male. Other than that one (Alias Smith & Jones, and you quite probably haven't heard of it), I am very much into Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Agent Carter and Wynonna Earp. I also watch and enjoy Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Place, The Magicians, Doctor Who (big fan of 13, still crush on 9), American Horror Story, and things that will occur to me after I have finished typing this. My longtime favorites are Buffy, Farscape, Veronica Mars, and Deadwood -- and I am beside myself with joy that we are getting more of the two latter this year! Super-excited about Captain Marvel coming up!

Other things: I signed my first book contract just before Christmas (historical romance), am working on what I hope will be the first of a series of historical mysteries set in 19th c. NYC (more on that soon), I love vintage clothing, architecture, museums, long walks, and I am completely obsessed with David Bowie.
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Meant to jump back in for the final day, but was so jetlagged -- it turns out catching a couple of hours sleep on the red-eye back from LA might actually be worse than staying up? Anyway, had a lovely time and am back where cities are vertical rather than horizontal.

For Day #11, I love talking about writing process, but I think that's going to come into my regular posting this year, with the commitments I've made.

Day #14: And from Get Your Words Out, I made a list that I'm putting here, for my writing goals for the year:

1. Get a solid first and second draft of my mystery done.

2. Finish at least two of my partially written fanfics.

3. Write all the academic things: that is,
a. do revisions for one accepted article
b. write the literature review for my co-written paper and get that
c. decide whether we're taking that project further or begin brainstorming a new one.

4. Build my (pseudonymous) writer's profile on social media and elsewhere, for the book that's coming out.
[Attended an online workshop through Sisters in Crime on book publishing]

5. Join Sisters in Crime and begin making contacts. [Joined Sisters and their online Guppies chapter for new writers; have inquired about becoming part of a critique group]

Anyhow . . . meetings on campus today, need to get scheduling finished, more on the trip later . . .
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So a couple of people seconded my desire to talk about Captain Marvel.

[personal profile] gnutmeg pointed out her new comm here, [community profile] mscaptainmarvel

There's also one called caroldanvers, though it seems to have one entry from 2013 and then one recent one.

[personal profile] havocthecat and [personal profile] kore, I think you were both interested?

If anybody else has any good tips, here or on other platforms, please chime in?
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As for today's challenge, I certainly hope I will be committing some acts of kindness, as I hope I do most days. Since today is a fairly isolated day in which I'm still on winter break and getting ready to go on a trip (part of which is to clean the apartment thoroughly, as a friend is staying with our cats for a few of the nights), I'm not sure I'll manage anything spectacular.

We're going away and I'm still contemplating not bringing my laptop, so as to make it a "real" vacation. I will have my phone, but I've only mastered reading, not posting to, DW on my phone . . . so this may be where I bow out. I'll be reading, for certain, and I've enjoyed this thoroughly. It's been really nice to feel more a part of the DW overall community.

Now watch . . . either I'll pack my laptop, or the TSA agents will all be on strike and we won't get on our flight tomorrow. In which case, see you tomorrow! ;-)
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Day 8
In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

"Miss Jones Comes to Harlem's Paradise" Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Defenders: What I wanted to see as a follow-up to Luke Cage season 2. An old friend stops by to see Luke at Harlem's Paradise.

"The Long Forever Knight" Forever Knight, Philip Marlowe: Even if you don't know FK, I think this one still works for the noir detective voice of Philip Marlowe. With, you know, vampires.

"World Enough and Time" Agent Carter: I really enjoyed playing with the Peggy Carter-as-Captain America idea that was floating around out there.
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Do something outside of your comfort zone.

So, this makes me the complete outlier in fandom, at least LJ/DW/Tumblr fandom, but . . . I don't read that much m/m slash and I don't write it. I don't have any objections to it; it just doesn't speak to me the way it does to many fanficcers. So I'm going to look up some of the more popular slash stories in my main writing fandom, and read them.

But possibly not today, as I got home yesterday late afternoon and today's to-do list is slightly terrifying.
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Doing this a day late, because I spent most of yesterday on an 8-hour Amtrak ride, then catching up with my partner, then falling asleep on the couch ridiculously early . . .

Three fannish wishes?

1. I am absurdly excited about the Captain Marvel movie, catching up on the comics, and would love to find other fans to share in the joy with. Where does the Carol Corps hang out? (Don't tell me Twitter. You're going to tell me Twitter, aren't you?)

2. Jessica Jones fic where she and Trish reconcile. I've been really lucky over the past couple of years of fests to get some lovely Jessica/Luke under the Defenders tag, but I'm just as broken over Jessica's rift with Trish as I am Jessica and Luke going basically their separate ways. (And yes, I realize season 3 will resolve things between Jessica and Trish one way or another, but meanwhile . . .) Also fic that somehow reconciles Jessica and Luke on the series with Jessica and Luke in the comics -- is there any way our MNetflixU versions could wind up married and with a child? Or are they just that much more broken?

3. Since I've got my first book coming out, I would love to talk to other folks who've made a transition from fanfic to profic, in any of those categories, whether you're doing the indie thing, are with a small press, or managed to get an agent on board.
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In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

One of my favorite things in fandom is SSR Confidential, an Agent Carter fanfic exchange which has been run by [personal profile] sholio for the past three years on AO3. I'm always baffled why this fandom isn't bigger in fanfic, when you consider how much love Peggy gets in the cosplay community and, for heaven's sake, Besame Cosmetics did a whole Agent Carter line! And it's delightful to see how many different interests, ships, supporting characters and etc. come into play in even a moderate sized exchange. Here's the link to last year's: Hoping there'll be another this year?

I'm not active on Tumblr or Twitter, but I do follow quite a few Instagram accounts, including from my current favorite shows. It's definitely been a real delight to follow Krysten Ritter and other members of the Jessica Jones cast, Tim Rozon and other members of the Wynonna Earp cast, and all of the awesome Good Place cast members. But I have to give a shoutout to Jameela Jamil, who is just as gorgeous as Tahani IRL, but such a very different person. She describes herself as a Feminist in Progress, but her Instagram is really inspiring for its non-nonsense lack of tolerance for body shaming and other bad behavior, as well as Jameela's sense of humor.

I have already mentioned how Alias Smith and Jones fandom is primarily on Facebook these days, but one of my other fandoms has some great Facebook groups, as well. This is the first of the David Bowie groups I discovered, and while the premise sounds a little kooky, it's just a really nice and quite active group of fans sharing their enthusiasm, as well as news (new releases, tribute events, etc.), members' artwork, photos, and lots of lovely links to performances and interviews:


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