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Up to the office today because I didn't make the Saturday night FedEx deadline with my manuscript (the fabulous Ms. Mitford), but that meant I got to hear early reports from [ profile] menikoff on the new house, plus got to see the fabulous boss and co-workers. There's something quite enjoyable about playing at commuting, when it's not a regular obligation; the train route was nice and green and Pleasantville is just that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting okay with the idea of not living in NYC forever . . .

Laurie Anderson concert was musically very good; we had varying opinions in our group as to whether her storytelling still holds up; the opening band was a group of Mongolian throat-singers, and the highlight of the evening was when they played with Anderson -- throat singing and synth and electric violin sounded amazing. (Throat singing is an odd, odd thing, which sometimes sounds like gargling and sometimes like whistling and sometimes like very, very hoarse singing. They can produce 3 or 4 different notes simultaneously.)

Think I have finally figured out what my novel will be about. (How many of us *aren't* vaguely working on something, right?)


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