Mar. 12th, 2016

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Spring break has begun, and one nice thing about being the professor is that I get one, too.  I'm on Amtrak, with a gorgeous view of the Hudson for hours yet, on my way from NYC to Buffalo to visit my parents. (They're in their 80s, so visiting them whenever I can manage is a high priority.)  I managed somehow not to have any grading, but i have a stack of Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century books, which I'm writing an article on, the latest issue of Writing Center Journal, and almost every device I own -- laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  Wish I'd brought the iPod because the two men behind me have not stopped talking, but at least they are not speaking English, so it's less intrusive than it could be.

M stayed home with the cats so it will be a quiet time with the folks, and I'll get to see C, who is a kind of substitute sister (she keeps an eye on my parents and does the things I live too far away to handle).

Ooh, it's the Bear Mountain Bridge!  Scenes of my childhood.  (I grew up in the Hudson Valley much nearer to NYC than to where my parents live now.)
  Now West Point.  Time to post this and focus on gazing.


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