Mar. 14th, 2016

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Enjoying some relaxing time at my parents' house -- normally between my husband and my cats, chances of a lie-in are null and nothing, but the first morning I allowed myself to hang out in the bedroom and binge-watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on my tablet, and this morning I actually slept until nearly 8, which is unheard-of. (Because of my husband's job, he's up at 4 every morning, and because my insomnia tends to be more of a "brain whirs on in the wee hours and won't let me stop planning and worrying" kind . . . I generally just get up with him anyway.)

Just put my Fitbit on my mom for the day. She's 82, and though she's at home mostly except for errands and the odd social thing (she retired at 62 but then worked a "retirement job" 1/2 - 3/4 time until 80), she tends to scurry around the house a lot. So we are going to measure her miles and her steps today. Dad, who will be 85 in May, has slowed down quite a bit and uses a cane or a walker, has slowed down, but not Mom. If it hadn't been for Dad's last stroke, she might still be working . . .

Those of you who are on my FB will know that I actually got Mom to try Thai food last night. When I made friends with C. and S., who'd adopted my parents (they're more my age but hang out with my parents sometimes and call them Mom2 and Dad2), we had dinner at the Thai in Hamburg (my parents' town, suburb of Buffalo) and it was great because at home in NYC I live on Thai and Indian, but haven't had much luck finding them up here. So it's our place for when the parents aren't involved. C and I made plans to go for Thai on Sunday and then I was messaging on FB with S and invited her and her husband, and I didn't know if my dad would be up for a group dinner out as the last one we did at the holidays really knocked him out . . . but he wanted to go, and he said he wanted to go *there* (he's been with me once before, but without mom) instead of the alternative restaurant we offered.

30 years in the making and she went for "mild" of course but my mother now admits she enjoyed Thai and would eat it again. The owner was lovely and talked a lot about pairings (of wines and of spices) -- apparently he'd been a sommelier previously.
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I thought a good way to start journalling more regularly might be to try this. I'm interested in doing the 55 days of Buffy, too, but it's lost way down on my f-list -- if anyone can link me to the masterpost, I'd appreciate it.

So Day 1 was things about me, and I posted a recent intro post for the Circling the Wagons folks, so I think that covers it.

Day 2: 10 Likes and Dislikes

1940s fashion
honesty (especially when handled with kindness)
gothic architecture

my tendency to procrastinate
fast fashion
shopping malls
planned obsolescence
American football
beer (can't stand the taste!)


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