Mar. 17th, 2016

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This is going to be tediously Euro- and North America-centric, because I'm middle aged and still paying off grad school (and the credit cards I overused while I was a grad student and sporadically-paid adjunct professor). So much as I might love to visit Japan, for example, it's not going to happen. Here are my reasonable goals:

- Scotland: My husband is from the UK, but I've only spend time in England. I really want to visit Scotland, which apparently is only about as far from London as Buffalo is from NYC. (An 8-hour drive.)

- Paris: I studied French in high school, and again, getting the Eurostar should be doable, once we've caught up enough to be visiting the UK regularly, again.

- Venice & Florence: I know Venice is like Disneyland, but it's so pretty and the history! And I'm such a Dante geek, that I really want to see his hometown, plus all that other art. (That counts as one trip, right?)

- Pacific Northwest: I've never been, and I suspect I'd like it. I might have a conference in Portland next spring, but I'm unsure I can afford to go. But there will be other opportunities . . .

- New Orleans: My husband and I have been there separately: his work did a Habitat for Humanity field trip about a year after Hurricane Katrina (when, sadly, a lot of people still needed to be rehoused). I did an academic conference that which was held on an Easter weekend; I got to wander about the French Quarter and to take a streetcar ride through the Garden District, but I barely scratched the surface. Oh, and because I had a panel I had to be at on Easter Morning, I went to Easter Vigil service at St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. (Well, half of it -- I left before the Eucharist part because I'm not Catholic.) So yes, I would like to go back with him.


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