Apr. 3rd, 2016

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I fell out of this for so long that I'm going to catch up a bit today:

Three things you want to say to people:

To my cat Aeryn: Please keep sitting on my lap. It makes me feel so warm and loved.
To my husband: I love you. Now go away and let me be for awhile.
To my parents: Please live forever. (And stay healthy and alert . . . )

Pet Peeves:
manspreading on the subway. (This is where men sit with their legs far apart and crowd those who try to sit in the seats next to them.)
election coverage that seems to be trying to pre-determine the outcome, or that becomes obsessed with a certain candidate just because that candidate is amusing in a horrifying way.

One food and one beverage:
seltzer and vegetable curry. I could live on those.

Maybe a few more tomorrow. Sorry I have not been keeping up with commenting. I've loved the new volume since Circling the Wagons, but it's definitely harder to keep up. I'm also not cross-posting from DW as much, which has been noted, mostly because I'm being all meme-y over here. I think I'll go back to cross-posting except for these 30 Day memes, though.


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