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As I might have mumbled before, I am a huge fangirl for both Vanessa and our Creature, John Clare. So this week made me extremely happy.

First of all, it was an incredibly well-structured episode. Read more... )

Because you know I had to point out how Victor is an idiot . . .
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So, Vanessa, bad lifestyle choices, eh? To be fair Read more... )

And in conclusion, who do we talk to in order to make Ferdinand Lyle's Egyptology Adventures a thing?
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Watching the last episode of The Night Manager , M says, "*This guy* would make a great Bond!"

Me: um, you mean the lead?
M: Yes.
Me: So, Tom Hiddleston, then.
M: Yes.
Me: So the one the Internet has been saying for weeks now is in consideration to play Bond? And I've been telling you this?
M: Oh.

*Sure* you listen to everything I say.

Also, The Night Manager so good and I adored Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) so much.

Outlander, I am ready to break up with you. Read more... ) I have seriously never wanted to see a couple make out less than I do Claire and Jamie.

Penny Dreadful hit such a high last week that I knew I would not get to see my faves this week, so I had to endure Read more... ) and I'm "Victor, you are an idiot," which is my usual response to Victor Frankenstein.
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Just posted this on Facebook, for those who see me there, but . . .

Friends don't let friends take rush freelance jobs over long holiday weekends. Unfortunately, I was not a good friend to myself, and have a big deadline Tuesday morning. Plus I need to check in with my online class from time to time. So . . . I will be pulling 12-14 hour days today and tomorrow.

Wish me luck, or even better, share something good that's happening with you? Cheer me up when I take quick breaks to check social media . . . thanks!

so . . .

May. 23rd, 2016 05:26 pm
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Saw Captain America. Read more... )

This week's Penny Dreadful was . . . Read more... )

Officially my online summer I (the next 5 weeks) class started today.Read more... )
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I realized I hadn't posted people's names last time -- sorry!

For frellingtralk: Veronica Mars
Read more... )

Because I'm obsessing anyway: Agent Carter
Read more... )
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this is fun! anyone else?

Read more... )

Read more... )

Orphan Black:
Read more... )
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OK, so jumping on board with the latest meme.

The character I least understand
Interactions I enjoyed the most
The character who scares me the most
The character who is mostly like me
Hottest looks character
One thing I dislike about my fave character
One thing I like about my hated character
A death that left me indifferent.
A character I wish died but didn’t
My ship that never sailed

Fandoms: Buffy, Agent Carter, iZombie, Veronica Mars, Orphan Black, Farscape, Penny Dreadful, Black Sails, Jessica Jones, Daredevil (TV), Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Also, in the very small fandom category: The Hour, The Bletchley Circle, Grantchester
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I'm pretty devastated about the Agent Carter cancellation -- even though it wasn't unexpected, I'd really given this show my heart. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was one of the first times since Buffy ended its original run that I felt that real excitement about something on television.

So I've been responding to other people's disappointment in their comments. But I thought I'd share something I wrote in a response to a comment on my FB page: I recently rewatched Winter Soldier since eventually I will get the chance to get to a theater and see Civil War, and it struck me that if we can't have more Agent Carter, we should have an anthology series about the founding and earlier years of SHIELD -- Peggy and Howard would be leads in some and background characters in others, and some would be purely triumphant while others would show how Hydra was positioning itself within . . .

Also, there's a petition to ask Netflix to pick up the show. Even if she's too committed to her new ABC show to do more than an even-more abbreviated run, it's worth a try:
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I had a nice chat about Penny Dreadful in someone's comment section recently, which had me curious -- does anyone else who reads this watch the show? I am full of thoughts, which will probably end up here in some form, but I'd love to really talk about it on a regular basis with people who will talk back.

We are going to seriously trim our cable package soon, so unfortunately that will slow down my access, but I am not especially spoilerphobic. (Except about who wins Project Runway . . . )

Also, if anyone loves Agent Carter like I do, or even likes it a little, THIS wonderful fic is taking the place, for me, of the season 3 we may not get:

Endings and Beginnings by truth_renowned

It's Peggysous, so if you are a hardcore Steggy or Cartinelli person, you might want to steer clear, but otherwise, it's just lovely, and still in progress.
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Finally got myself to do something I've been contemplating for a few months now -- to start running in the mornings. I bought the sneakers last week -- I hadn't owned proper trainers in probably a decade (just Converse high tops). And Saturday, I started. To begin with, I'm doing quite short runs -- just from my apartment up to and around Tompkins Square Park, and back -- which Fitbit tells me is just over a mile. I've gone the past two days and weather permitting will go on Monday as well; I'm not going to push myself on work days as I walk between 4 and 6 miles (again, according to Fitbit, but I do a cross-town walk to and from the PATH train which I take to work).

The plan is to build up -- once I've gotten to four times 'round the park, I will try East River Park, which has a trail along the water. Right now, I think I'd be totally winded by the time I get there!

My FB feed is clearly happy for me, as I've gotten more "likes" than I've seen on anything in a long while.
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Lovely dresses, though. I think you and I have similar taste.

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I fell out of this for so long that I'm going to catch up a bit today:

Three things you want to say to people:

To my cat Aeryn: Please keep sitting on my lap. It makes me feel so warm and loved.
To my husband: I love you. Now go away and let me be for awhile.
To my parents: Please live forever. (And stay healthy and alert . . . )

Pet Peeves:
manspreading on the subway. (This is where men sit with their legs far apart and crowd those who try to sit in the seats next to them.)
election coverage that seems to be trying to pre-determine the outcome, or that becomes obsessed with a certain candidate just because that candidate is amusing in a horrifying way.

One food and one beverage:
seltzer and vegetable curry. I could live on those.

Maybe a few more tomorrow. Sorry I have not been keeping up with commenting. I've loved the new volume since Circling the Wagons, but it's definitely harder to keep up. I'm also not cross-posting from DW as much, which has been noted, mostly because I'm being all meme-y over here. I think I'll go back to cross-posting except for these 30 Day memes, though.
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Ducking in on a "study break" for a moment:

Do I read? What books are my favorites?

Um, for me that's like asking "do you breathe?" I'm one of those people who taught myself to read when I got bored doing the alphabet in kindergarten. (I'm not sure that's the best thing, because I tend to get impatient with things I don't master immediately, and there are quite a few of those.)

I read so much that I did grad school in English literature -- 19th century British literature.

If I'm asked what's my favorite book, I say Middlemarch by George Eliot, and it is one of my all-time favorites.

Really, I love Victorian novels and Romantic poetry and some from each category of literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy. Right now I'm sitting at a desk with all of Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century steampunk series piled up next to me because I'm working on an article.

Books that I have read over and over and over again, because I've taught them over and over again, and I still love them:
To Kill a Mockingbird
In Cold Blood
Paradise Lost
Midnight's Children

But now I'm mostly teaching composition, because that's what's needed and I love my writing center job.

Books that of course I like:
Anything by Austen
Anything by any Bronte sister
Most of Trollope and of Wilkie Collins
Bleak House by Dickens, also Our Mutual Friend by Dickens
and of course Middlemarch, as well as Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (my standard icon might have clued you in)

The Bas Lag books, and The City and the City, and Embassytown by China Mieville
Possession by A. S. Byatt
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
the Aegypt series by John Crowley
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My old friends are used to my fading in and out, but for the new folks: I've got some serious deadlines over the next few weeks and probably won't be keeping up. But then I'll be done (with the article, conference paper proposal, and departmental colloquium presentation) and back . . .

So my 30-day meme is likely to run closer to 50 or so. Oh well.
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. . . and I'm one of those people who can't choose just one:

Neil Young has been a favorite since I was listening to him on vinyl in high school, which is longer ago than I'd like to admit. (Let's just say it was vinyl not because I was a hipster, but because that's what we used to listen to in those days.) I've only seen him in concert once, though, as I apparently am not friends with many other Neil fans. His newer stuff mostly doesn't click for me.

Indie-rock band Yo La Tengo have been a favorite for a long time, though *not* since the 70s, and I have seen them many times, mostly at the old Maxwell's in Hoboken. I'm an album or two behind with them, but still cue them up on the iPod quite often.

David Bowie . . . my devastation at his death brought home to me just home important he's been to me over the years.
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This is going to be tediously Euro- and North America-centric, because I'm middle aged and still paying off grad school (and the credit cards I overused while I was a grad student and sporadically-paid adjunct professor). So much as I might love to visit Japan, for example, it's not going to happen. Here are my reasonable goals:

- Scotland: My husband is from the UK, but I've only spend time in England. I really want to visit Scotland, which apparently is only about as far from London as Buffalo is from NYC. (An 8-hour drive.)

- Paris: I studied French in high school, and again, getting the Eurostar should be doable, once we've caught up enough to be visiting the UK regularly, again.

- Venice & Florence: I know Venice is like Disneyland, but it's so pretty and the history! And I'm such a Dante geek, that I really want to see his hometown, plus all that other art. (That counts as one trip, right?)

- Pacific Northwest: I've never been, and I suspect I'd like it. I might have a conference in Portland next spring, but I'm unsure I can afford to go. But there will be other opportunities . . .

- New Orleans: My husband and I have been there separately: his work did a Habitat for Humanity field trip about a year after Hurricane Katrina (when, sadly, a lot of people still needed to be rehoused). I did an academic conference that which was held on an Easter weekend; I got to wander about the French Quarter and to take a streetcar ride through the Garden District, but I barely scratched the surface. Oh, and because I had a panel I had to be at on Easter Morning, I went to Easter Vigil service at St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. (Well, half of it -- I left before the Eucharist part because I'm not Catholic.) So yes, I would like to go back with him.
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Tomorrow I'm going to be on a train most of the day, and I don't fancy tapping this out on my tablet or phone, so I'm going a day early.

Where does my username come from?

Glad you asked. For many years, I lived in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. (West high teens and 20s.) At one point, I sublet my apartment and moved in with my parents to try to get some work done on my dissertation without having to spend all my time working to support myself. At that time, my university email was long-distance dialup -- webmail was still a few years in the future -- so I set up a box on my dad's AOL account, so that I could use email more regularly. I named it chelseagirl to remind myself of what I was going back to, in case I got depressed being semi-isolated. (My parents had moved when I was in college, and so I didn't have hometown friends near them -- which meant I could get a lot of work done, without too many distractions. Oddly, I *do* have friends up there now that I'm not living there.)

When I started my LJ, I thought of chelseagirl again, but it was taken (probably by a football fan in the UK), so I was chelseagirl47 for years. (My university-issued email account was cas47 so the 47 just seemed appropriate.) Finally, whoever had Chelseagirl dropped their account, and I grabbed it.

The name also comes from the Andy Warhol film The Chelsea Girls, which was filmed at the legendary Chelsea Hotel, not far from my old apartment.

I moved to the East Village nearly three years ago now, but don't see any point in changing the name.
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Describe your day, in detail?

Today, or an average day?

Today I'm on a visit to my parents; I watched an episode of Agent Carter on my tablet then got up, had breakfast and showered, talked on the phone with someone on Writing Center staff about a conference we're going to do next Saturday, went with my mom to donate some books (yay! I got them to start weeding out their collection, yay!), and now am settled down to get work done on academic projects. I will also hang out with my parents, but that's about it.

An average weekday: my husband gets up at 4, and the cats start bouncing on my head to get fed. If it's a weekday, I'm up by 4:30 to make him breakfast (if you can call coffee and toast making somebody breakfast) and feed the monsters; then I check email and etc. and once he's out the door, a little before 6, I shower and either get work done or watch something on TV. I walk across town from the East Village to the West Village to catch the PATH train to New Jersey, where I teach, do paperwork, have meetings, and otherwise pester the Writing Center staff. I usually leave about 5, to get home by 6:30. My husband makes the dinner (yay!), we catch up on our days and watch something on the DVR, and he usually goes to bed by 8 or 8:30. I'm up to anywhere from 9 to 11, depending on the day, either getting work done, reading, or watching tv -- or falling asleep on the couch with a book in my hand or the tv on. Generally a few cats drape themselves on or around me. Lather, rinse, repeat, as they say, though of course sometimes I meet friends for dinner, and one day a week I generally work from home to catch up on grading and etc. (Mondays this semester, but it depends on my teaching schedule.)

So, that was fascinating, eh?


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