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Also, I am completely obsessed with The Defenders, even though it is a week away. Oh, Matt, Jessica, Luke, that other guy!

Date: 2017-09-18 01:50 pm (UTC)
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How did you end up liking The Defenders?

Everyone complained about it (it seemed) but I enjoyed it a lot! despite it not really delivering on interesting villains the way most of the other shows did. (It probably helps that I like That Other Guy almost as well as the others and maybe a little better than Matt, fwiw).

Date: 2017-09-19 01:13 pm (UTC)
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I haaaate the Punisher. HATE. I feel bad, even, because John Whatshisname turned in such a good performance, and I just don't care. I hate that guy too much. He made a good antagonist for Daredevil S2 (better than those boring ninja flocks) but The Punisher is going to be the first Marvel TV I don't even attempt to watch.

I love Madame Gao, but I think she works a little better as a shadowy Evil Miss Marple, knowing more than she should and not troubling to explain it to all you peons, than front-and-center having to shoulder burdens of exposition all the time.

I don't hate Matt, but I think I like the Matt his friends want him to be a little better than the Matt we're supposed to believe is the "real" Matt. Elektra kept trying to get him in touch with his dark side, which was frustrating because I have no patience or sympathy with Matt's dark side. I wish he'd stick to being a good lawyer who occasionally does vigilante work, rather than the other way around. But that's partly just me and my eternal frustration with superhero shows.

My expectations for the Marvel TV shows are basically zero at this point. Do the characters interact? Will I see familiar faces from previous Marvel TV shows? Is there New York location namedropping? I'm good. I was rooting for Jessica and Luke on JJ, and got a little heartbroken, but right now I don't really ship anyone; I just want them all to be friends and Save the City They Love (and for Trish to break out her self-defense skills! I was sorry that didn't happen).

Poor Danny! He combines the immaturity of a spoiled rich kid with the immaturity of a traumatized orphan raised by a comic-book punch cult on a fantasy mountain. Who's going to feel sorry for him if not me? :)


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